Adventures of Tutu continue.

A year ago I participated in the Hungarian Multicultural Residency in Budapest.  It was a challenging and wonderful experience all at once.  One of the projects I completed while I was there was a simple drawing of a bright yellow Fiat 500.  This charming little car sat in Jokai Ter, where I was staying, every day.  It became part of my routine to look for the car, just so I could smile to myself.  I wrote the owner a letter and left it on the car, thanking him for the daily inspiration and uplift and giving him permission to keep the drawing if he would only go to the show once it was up in August 2009.  He WENT! I was so happy that he remembered and took time out of his life to enjoy a memory I had turned into a drawing…

At the show, the curator gave him my email and he has since shared photos of his car in various situations.  Photos posted below.


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