The Transition Period

Week one of Graduate school and I am already feeling more motivated and excited to create art again.  However, I’m NOT going to grad school for Art anymore.  So far, I feel this is the best decision I have ever made for myself: To switch from Art to Library Science.  Already, I am learning a great deal about librarians as a community and Portland seems to be a very “pro-librarian” town.  Portland is also a great place for artists.  After a several month hiatus from creating art and the pressure that I was placing on myself I feel I am in a good place to find the balance between life, art and library school.  All of which are intertwined, really.

This sort of transition period is giving me time to think about why I am in library school and where I want to go with it.  A lot of what I am reading for my 801 course describes how libraries are changing and evolving with the needs and demands of society and the patrons of the library.  One of the readings in my Foundations of Library and Info Science book described the pattern of jobs and job availabilities and I of course scoped out the archivists, curators and museum technicians to happily see that, while the jobs are lower in number than other areas of library workers, there is at least an increase in the number available over the next few years.  Binders and bindery workers on the other hand have fewer jobs and a huge decline in the number of jobs over the next few years.  Special libraries are another high interest category for me to think about over the next two years.  A good example of a special collections library that I would happily work in (Actually, I won’t lie, it would be my dream job) is the Joan Flasch Artists’ Book Collection in Chicago.  It was always one of my favorite places to visit and spend hours delicately opening, unfolding, playing with and enjoying a variety artists’ books.  I have not found a space here to do such a thing, but I will eventually.

I will be ecstatic to get back to creating when I get into a rhythm with school work and living in a new city.  I have already found a book arts center I would like to look further into.  First, I’ll take a tour and if it feels worth it (financially) and I have enough time to justify it, I’ll become a member at Em-Space.  I have already been thinking of the different ways I can let book art influence my work as a library student and how I can let my work as a library student, and eventually a professional, influence my book art.

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