Illustrations for the Soul.

Lately, I’ve been feeling more like drawing and creating work than I have in over a year.  It’s been incredibly refreshing!  With the lack of a job and nothing but schoolwork to focus on, I’ve started a few projects, picked up some new supplies and am finding inspiration in my surroundings.

Every now and then I get lucky and I find old childrens’ books that have the most wonderful illustrations. I would love to find a copy of this book Florentina in the near future.

Illustrations by Hana Stepanova for Florentina by James Kruss (Prague, 1967)

If you ask me, she looks like she has some Potatoe Champion fries in hand

Something about these illustrations from the 60’s are really intriguing and lovely. The color palette, the lines and line weight, the use of dark images, the way they look slightly unaligned.  It’s an aesthetic that I often gravitate towards. I’ve even considered these sorts of illustrations for tattoos…

Here is a page from a book that I actually own and love.  My hometown library in Oregon, IL has an annual book sale where they clear out their shelves and also take donations from locals who have books to unload and sell books for as little as $1 a bag (!!!).  I was able to find some children’s books that are worth FAR more than $1, including Sam, Bangs & Moonshine by Evaline Ness (1966) at that sale.

Probably my favorite illustrated book.


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