Theory of Multiple Intelligences

For my 802 course, we were asked to take a few tests to see what kind of learner we are.  When I took the learning styles test I first got that I was a primarily visual learner, which was no surprise.  After taking a second version of the test I was diagnosed as a bodily and kinesthetic learner.  This information was also no surprise and I actually feel like that is more accurate based on the description given by the test site.  Take the test and see!

When I took the multiple intelligences test I scored highest for interpersonal followed by intrapersonal and bodily/kinesthetic (these two categories were tied) and thirdly, linguistic.  I felt this was the most accurate test based on what I know and understand about myself.  I learn by doing, reflecting and interacting with others (even if I would never call myself extroverted) and I truly enjoy writing.  This brought up an important (and somewhat scary) question for me to think about as I go through my program in the next two years: How does a student such as myself work in a distance learning program and succeed?  Let me clarify for those of you who don’t know much about my program: SLIM (School of Library and Information Management) is based out of Emporia State University in Kansas.  I only meet with my professors (and classmates) two weekends per semester and otherwise am doing all of my work through  It is good to be aware that this is a very new style of learning for me so that I may deal with problems and difficulties as they arise in an effective way.  Often times my art, happiness and productivity relate directly to my interactions with other people.  However, I see the value in pushing myself in areas where I am weaker and fulfilling expectations that I have for myself while maintaining and fostering my strengths.  So, that is what I’ll do in this program.

Onward and upward!

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