Acorn Electric on Etsy!

School is back in action!  The readings continue, the opportunities present themselves and I, Amanda, have been busy over break trying to sew and use my creative side a little more vs. the academic side.  Now, you can find bicycling gear that I have made at: Acorn Electric on Etsy! Currently, I am ONLY focusing on cycling gear, but will soon be making some librarian and library inspired items as well.  I should probably thank my lovely Etsy model and girlfriend who gave me my sewing machine which prompted all of this…Thanks, Mollie! 🙂  It’s difficult to focus on school, work AND creative endeavors, but sewing is proving to be an excellent outlet for me.

A hat and snood which I created a pattern for and made 🙂

My model for hand sewn kerchiefs!

This lovely shot was taking in the beginning of my break, when I was able to visit Chicago for a minute.  I have missed the snow. A lot.

And this lovely “book garland” as I am calling it  was made as some last minute Christmas decorations.  It was a lot of fun and also a lot of work.

This is a brief update, as I will soon return to regular posts about what I am reading and learning in Library Science school. 🙂

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