Blog as my witness!

So, it’s been a minute since I’ve written because I’ve been dealing with a lot of personal issues as well as attempting to read a great deal for school!  I’m really happy to say that my classes this semester are very interesting: Intro to reference services and the organization of information!  They both require a significant (yet enjoyable) amount of work.

Want to know what else requires a significant amount of work?  My new year’s resolution: I vowed to read ALL of the books that I own, hauled across the country, but have not read.  The truth is I have an impulse to purchase books with every intention of reading them later but I have accumulated so many!  I refuse to purchase any more books until this goal is accomplished.  I strategically only brought the books I use often or haven’t read in their entirety to Portland, totaling about 40 partially read or completely unread books.

Because the first book I decided to read this year was a long one and I have massive amounts of readings for class, I am still working on it!  So, for accountability’s sake I am sharing this goal publicly.

My theme in 2011,  life and in general is Balance.  While I am reading away I haven’t forgotten that the amount of information that I put into my brain needs to be creatively processed and put back out for my own sanity.  Writing short stories and creating DIY objects for home improvement (such as shelves for my sewing materials) has also been helping to “balance” my life.  This illustration above is one that I happily discovered in the book “How to Create a Portfolio & Get Hired”, which passed through my hands at my library.  It appealed to me because it’s a wonderful illustration and it’s true: A story needs balance and so does life.  Remember, that was the premise of this blog…to balance between my creativity, library school and life.

I got this.

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