Thoughts on volvelles and sneaker waves.

After stumbling upon Jessica Helfand’s book Reinventing the wheel a few months ago I have been patiently awaiting the perfect school assignment to create a volvelle for.  The book is an excellent portrayal of the history as well as an argument for the practical use of information wheels today.   As one reviewer writes, “[These] quaintly outdated curiosities in fact hold intriguing lessons for today’s information managers.”  Being of the tactile nature, I am drawn to any learning/teaching tool which is interactive in form and function!  As stated in my previous post about The Visual Miscellaneum, I am interested in information and how it is delivered and displayed, which fuels my interest in volvelles.

The perfect project came up in my organization of information (804) class.  My group has chosen to present information on the phenomenon of social tagging/folksonomy and how this relates to libraries and classification of internet based information.  So OBVIOUSLY, I volunteered to work on the “handout”, which I already knew I wanted to take the form of a volvelle.  This is quite the undertaking, but I am very excited about it.  The content I’ve been finding on social tagging is also incredibly interesting to me.  At first, I could only think of “tagging” as in what you do to friends on facebook.  But I “tag” everything.  It’s how I organize my emails, blogs,, and yes…facebook.  I have to admit that I refuse to use twitter, but that is a very popular one in the world of social tagging.  I am not as unfamiliar with social tags as I initially thought!

As soon as I am finished with said volvelle, I will post my final product and process here.  🙂

Also, on my mind but totally unrelated, are sneaker waves.  I’m always in awe of the ocean and I have been doing a bit of creative writing about it in my free time (shh, I only work on homework assignments……).  I blame it on the fact that I am from the midwest, but I’ve always been slightly intimidated by the ocean and its creatures and in the back of my brain space I knew there was a good reason: Sneaker waves.  The last time I went to the coast was about a month or so ago.  It was a perfectly cloudy/drizzly day and there were no other people on the beach.  There was a seal.  And my dog.  Nature is so unpredictable and beautiful and scary; thinking about that day reminds me that I have nothing but the utmost humbling respect for nature.

I’m so happy be be here, where I can feel humbled in my surroundings, even though at any given time I could be taken by surprise (good or bad).

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