One slide chart down; one to go.

This slide chart is for my reference class.  The content is all about issues in archival reference services and how it has changed, what technology has done in recent years for this service, and it has a list of resources on the back.  I designed it using InDesign–which I am HIGHLY unfamiliar with–then I printed them, cut them by hand (that’s right, each and every circle/half circle for 30 of these), glued them, fought off the cat who wanted to lay on them, fought the urge to take Dottie outside even though she stared so tenderly out at the gray skies …I managed to assemble them in a day!

Oh? Really? I have other assignments?  And they’re all due this month?

I’m on it.

But, stay tuned for another volvelle in a few short weeks…

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