ONE.MORE.ASSIGNMENT! >>>Lady Gaga, get OUT of my head.

By song lyrics, I mean POP lyrics.I can taste the freedom that turning in my very LAST assignment for the semester will give me, albeit it will be short-lived freedom; summer classes start mid-May.  Due to the lovely weather, anticipation of finishing this semester, friends visiting, etc…I cannot concentrate!  Do I worry that I won’t finish? no.  Do I worry it won’t be “my best”. maybe.  Have I already dusted off my dancing shoes to celebrate finishing? YOU betcha.  IS Lady Gaga, stuck in my head? Why yes, yes she is.  I feel like it’s been DAYS of Gaga.  I digress.

What I’m working on for my FINAL assignment is an annotated bibliography about the “organization of space in libraries”.  I’m finding a LOT about modern architectural trends in libraries as well as how to create a user-friendly space for various types of libraries and learners.  I find it really fascinating in terms of education and how the library and the classroom have BOTH evolved drastically.  One of the books I found most interesting, The L!brary Book, is FULL of amazing school libraries that make me think of Polaris, the school I taught at in Chicago, and how the classrooms were set up to encourage students’ sense of inquiry.  Libraries need to do the same thing!  This book gives good examples of showing the library as a place that is moving away from mere storage and access for patrons/students to a space that promotes creativity and exchange of information based on a community’s needs and collaborative efforts!

Now, I’m not REALLY interested in becoming a youth or school librarian, but I do get excited about the fact that this sort of “creation of space” can happen in any library if the resources are available.  The library I work at currently is actually a good example of an academic library with a great environment and unique design elements that make for a very user-friendly space.  Seattle Public Library is a public library where the space is VERY user-centered and has much room for evolution as technology and the role of libraries continues to change!

While I contemplate the feng shui of libraries and attempt to focus for the next few days, do know that Lady Gaga is the siren that I hear off in the distance and I can’t wait to indulge.

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