Eastern Europe awaits!

As my summer semester starts and I prepare for my class trip to Kiev, Budapest and Prague, I’d like to remember my LAST trip to Eastern Europe with a few favorite photos (of the city, the Magyar Állami Operaház, of my favorite cappuccinos in the WORLD, and of the strange decor of the dining hall from the hotel I stayed at).  I was fortunate enough to participate in the Hungarian Multicultural Center‘s artist in residency program for three weeks and follow that with a week long trip to Vienna, Austria.  I’m very pleased and excited with the fact that I am returning to Budapest with a knowledge of the city, its history, its beauty, and its perfectly unique culture.

What I am even more enticed by is the prospect of learning a great deal about libraries in this part of the world and how they have evolved and how they differ from our own libraries here in the United States.  I did get to visit the National Szechenyi Library last time, which is a part of the Buda Castle, but was unable to walk around the interior (since you must be a Hungarian resident to do so).  I’m hoping to talk my way into it this time, being that I am a library student and that should be enough clout to get me in (one can dream).

Also, I just learned that Katie Perry’s “Firework” video was filmed (partly) at the Buda Castle and the opening scene is actually a good view of the famous Szechenyi Bridge of Budapest:

I have to put a disclaimer that I don’t actually enjoy Katie Perry, but this makes me like her just a little bit.  Or does it make me dislike her? I’m feeling conflicted.  This mixture is a bit like the puppy that may come from a chihuahua and a rottweiler …I’m not sure it works.  Either way, I love when actual culture makes a cameo in pop culture and the two worlds collide.

Other than learning about post-Soviet libraries I am also taking a metadata course and a research methods course.  I’ve never actually been excited about summer school, but I am genuinely excited about everything that I am going to delve into this summer!

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