Up, up, and away!

In approximately 36 hours I leave for Kiev, Ukraine! I’m very excited and for the first time ever I feel like I’ve started my packing in advance (due to excitement, not because I’m on top of things). Usually I wait until the very last minute. Once I arrive in Kiev we are basically going straight to the Opera…Which will be good, but tiring!  I’m happy to be doing the group exploration in Kiev as well as learning about the city through the lens of a library student trying to understand a unique system and our ties to that system 🙂

Now, I don’t want to ruin it…but if everything that I have planned for Budapest and Prague actually works out I am going to have some AMAZING stories and an even more amazing photos. Either way it will be great…are you on the edge of your seat yet?

Well here’s a list of potential AWESOME factors adding to my trip:
1. May be getting a ride from the airport upon arrival to Budapest from “Tutu”, the yellow fiat 500 I adore and the owner who has been my pen pal since my first visit there.
2. I’m staying in a FLAT with my own room and own bathroom and it is across from the OPERAHAZ! (hungarian for opera house ;)) Oh, and it is free?! Why? because good deeds go a long way sometimes.
3. I’ll be visiting some local art galleries.
4. Oh, you BET I’m going back to Ecseri–the largest and most amazing flea market I’ve ever seen.
5. That train ride to Prague….
6. Obviously Prague itself…While I’m excited to know people and know the things I “MUST DO” in Budapest I am also excited to explore an entirely new city on my own.

I cannot wait to be there already. ❤

Oh, and today in Portland is a beautiful day. Just to add to the list of things I am excited about.

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