A whole summer vacay rolled into approximately two weeks…

Above photo is from the NYPL image collection; I just love it and how it applies so well to my own August. Recreation. A hound dog.

Well school ended for me last week as I submitted my last assignments and posts to discussion boards, but Summer has been in full-swing for a while now.  August is my actual Summer vacation, though.  At least, until school starts later this month.  Here is a list of all that I’ve done or am doing that has nothing to do with school 🙂 I love making lists, especially this one.

1. Went camping at Fort Steven’s State Park with my roommate and Dottie for two nights.  It was great, albeit it was car camping.  We did a little hiking and walking around the coast, were challenged by an adolescent bull, fought off mosquitoes, ate delicious food (everything tastes better when camping), watched Dottie chase seagulls on the beach (my all time favorite), and had some roommate bonding time.

2. Gabriel visited so during that time I did a LOT.  The first day he was here we went to some of the best bars along Alberta for food and spirits with a few friends. The next day we went on an EPIC tubing adventure on the Clackamas River! There were seven of us and we managed to survive the day, get some great views of Mt. Hood, enjoy some laughter and soak up some sunshine.  We spent the next day wandering around the Northeast and No-Po, taking in some more delicious Portland food and shopping.  Friday was spent at Mt Hood, hiking about along the Sandy up to Ramona Falls with the little dog.  The photo below is my favorite from the whole trip.

Finally, we spent some time downtown playing games at Ground Kontrol and eating at Portland City Grill.  More views of Mt. Hood were enjoyed from the 30th floor on a clear, summer afternoon.  I was sad to see Gabe leave, but I’ll be in Chicago soon enough.

3. I read the entire Hunger Games series. 🙂 I am really excited about them and kept imagining all that they could do with the movies–though I doubt they will be as good as the books since that is typically the case.  I truly hope they don’t try to make it 3-D…  Why would I read another young adult series? Why not.  I picked it up 2 weeks ago and finished it despite still having homework and a guest and work.

4. Speaking of young adult.  I got a new tattoo on my right calve: The call number for the 4th Harry Potter book The Goblet of Fire as well as some little Harry Potter glasses.  A few friends from the Ukraine trip and I all got either a call number or a Harry Potter tattoo together and I’m pretty sure the shop we went to thought we were a bunch of weirdos; maybe we are.

5. I’m vegan for the month.  That’s right, no cheese and no eggs.  Oddly enough, so far all I am missing is eggs.  I eat them a lot more often than I realized and it is weird to make breakfast without an egg or two.  I have many reasons for wanting to try this out for a month: Portland has great vegan restaurants, I ENJOY cooking and baking vegan fare, I need to reform my healthy habits that went out the window this summer when I found myself stressed and eating poorly, I do believe in sustainability and animal advocacy and am aware of my choices when it comes to these issues but have never gone to this extreme to change my habits based on my beliefs.

6. I’ve made SEVERAL improvements to my apartment over the last couple week! New posters framed, hung, rearranged, home sewn pillow cases, curtains, and lots of cleaning.

7. I’ve been binding books. 🙂 Lots of them, though they aren’t finished yet.

Wow, I’ve been BUSY! But this is what keeps me happy and this is what Summer is all about.  I’m still on break and have some other fun activities planned in the next week! I’ll keep you posted. 🙂

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