The Balance Between Extreme Enthusiasm and Desperation: Job Search 2.0

Need I say more?  I started my professional job search a couple of months ago and have been poring over job postings via email list-servs and online forums ever since.  I’ve found a couple of prospects (in other cities) that sound absolutely ideal.  The kind of positions that would be a wise transition out of Emporia’s program and into the real professional world or working with collections I would truly enjoy.  In some cases, I’ve found both…in the SAME JOB POSTING.  I’m starting to get really excited about working as a librarian, about having a career, about moving out of Portland.  I’m also feeling a little bit of pressure, mostly put on by my own expectations I have for myself.  It is slightly uncomfortable to think about what may happen if I can’t find a job and that is exactly why I am looking all over the country.  As much as I adore the librarian community here in Portland (I can’t imagine a stronger one anywhere!!) therein lies the hard truth that there are just too many of us who are highly qualified, creative, and awesome.

So, when writing my cover letters and fine-tuning my resume for jobs that I am only applying for if they meet my “Dream Job” criteria, it is difficult to know when I am sounding sincerely enthusiastic and when I am sounding desperate.  I took an unofficial poll on Facebook to ask how I say, “This is my DREAM JOB, please hire me” (and I’ll work my bum off in return for the faith you’d be putting in me) and most people who responded said to just say it.  If the two (most exciting) positions I recently applied for reject me…I just may take that piece of advice the next time around.

2 thoughts on “The Balance Between Extreme Enthusiasm and Desperation: Job Search 2.0

  1. I feel a little regretful that I will probably have to move away from Portland to find my “dream job,” but otherwise I’m 100% with you. Good luck!

    • Aw, thank you! It also comes down to the fact that I would really like to be closer to my family and close friends. Within driving distance would be excellent. 🙂

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