Summer Plans = Moving and Interning at the Smithsonian

It’s officially official.  I am moving back to the Midwest and I have accepted a 5-6 week internship at the Smithsonian in D.C. for June and July.  The internship involves working with the Artists’ Book collection, doing reference work, cataloging, helping with exhibitions, and the supervising librarian also mentioned we (her, the other intern, I) will be visiting other special collections while in D.C.  This is seriously the perfect opportunity for me since it combines my MLS and my previous grad school experience in book arts and I am super excited that I’ll be working for such an amazing museum and library system! THE SMITHSONIAN.  Sometimes I can’t believe my life.

There are still many details to work out, but I’ll be leaving Portland at the end of May with my beloved animals and whatever will fit in a SMALL U-Haul truck.  Please try not to die laughing at the mental image of me driving said vehicle…It will be quite the adventure.  I’m ready to go back.


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