Getting ready to say, “Goodbye, Oregon”

I have taken a break from blogging, school work, and the tedious “adult” tasks of life for a minute.  Surely, we all need to breathe now and then.  My adventures have led me many places this month and while I try to keep my blog about my endeavors in librarianship I can’t help but feel that a large part of what has shaped my goals (professionally) is rooted in my experiences, travels, the good people I know and am inspired by.  So, here we go.

Earlier this month my dear girlfriend visited and we were able to rent a car to drive ALL OVER Oregon with.  The first place we visited (outside of Portland, of course) was the tiny ghost town of Friend, Oregon.  I picked it solely for the name and read that there were a few buildings still standing.  Basically, we drove to the middle of nowhere in central Oregon and we really only saw one other car pass by as we explored the area.  I deducted that the only kinds of people who live out there are the ones who invent things like the World’s Largest Rubber Band Ball in order to bring people to them since it would be awfully lonely otherwise.  Yet, something about it seemed romantic and lovely and who knows, maybe we will live there someday.

We found the old schoolhouse of Friend where we could go in and write on the chalkboard (as many who had passed through had done).  The schoolhouse had two outhouses and inside the actual school building there were tables and benches and a PIANO.  Jade, Dottie, and I had some lunch and then decided to drive around some more to see what else friend had to offer; turns out that was it.

The next day, we drove to Pacific City, Oregon to take a look at some GIANT sand dunes!  They stood towering over us but we came ready to climb up, stopping to look around as we went (Ok, we were tired).  I kicked myself for not bringing the sled with us but that means we would have had to climb it twice…so maybe that’s ok.

The view from the top was amazing, albeit the sand blowing directly in our face now and then.  I forget (being from the midwest) how endless the ocean is, but this day reminded me.  As we skipped and jumped and slid back down the dunes we decided we needed a beer so we visited the nearby brewery and then carried on with our adventure.  Jade managed to spot a sign for a waterfall I had never heard of–Munson Creek Falls–so we went for a short hike to see it.  We were the only ones there and I felt like I was in Fern Gully (yes, the movie) because everything was covered in lush green moss and, well, ferns.

I loved my adventures with Jade, but after she left I still felt like I needed more.  Small adventures like biking to Cathedral Park and taking a day trip back to Seattle this coming weekend.

Finally, Librarian Prom was this past weekend!  It was so much fun and it was great to see so many people in my community together.  We danced, took photos, and drank sangria until someone shouted, “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here”.  If there is one thing I will miss most of all about Portland it is the community of wonderful librarians and library students I have met.  These are my people.

This summer I’ll be traveling from Portland to Chicago to Asheville to DC to NYC to wherever else and eventually back to Portland.  I have to come back for my final capstone class and one last wilderness adventure before I go back and find my place among the midwesterners that I love so dearly.  But I am realizing that I do love Portland; I have made wonderful friends and precious memories that I will pack up and carry with me everywhere I go from here.

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