RWL + MCA + Artists’ Books = <3

As part of the Read/Write Library‘s Self Preservation series, I am teaching a workshop at the Museum of Contemporary Art on preserving artists’ books.  The event is part of the MCA studio nights and is happening on Feb 4, 2014. Participants will leave with a hand letterpressed copy of the book that I am editioning […]

Summer Plans = Moving and Interning at the Smithsonian

It’s officially official.  I am moving back to the Midwest and I have accepted a 5-6 week internship at the Smithsonian in D.C. for June and July.  The internship involves working with the Artists’ Book collection, doing reference work, cataloging, helping with exhibitions, and the supervising librarian also mentioned we (her, the other intern, I) […]


This talk really gets at the core of introversion and I love that she tells us to go into the woods. 🙂 I might do that, soon.  I’d LOVE to go into the woods and build a cabin treehouse where I could spend my days being as creative as I want.  Lately, it’s been being […]


Ok.  I needed to capture a screen shot of the before and after just to show how much I’ve learned in the last 12 hours as I’ve made improvements to my CSS and HTML files for my Web Design class…we won’t talk about how many tears or tantrums were involved in this process, but I […]