From slide charts to volvelles, I’ve graduated.

I made this video in an hour…don’t judge.  Also, thank you “group 5” for being a great group to work with on this project for 804 (The organization of information), helping compile information, and helping to assemble 44 more of these babies…. I must say, I’ve learned a LOT about social tagging and even started […]

Thoughts on volvelles and sneaker waves.

After stumbling upon Jessica Helfand’s book Reinventing the wheel a few months ago I have been patiently awaiting the perfect school assignment to create a volvelle for.  The book is an excellent portrayal of the history as well as an argument for the practical use of information wheels today.   As one reviewer writes, “[These] […]

The Visual Miscellaneum

So, this semester I have been learning a great deal about “information”, “information professionals” and “information seekers”.  Everything pertaining to information, including the tricky task of defining it.  I am currently thumbing through and reading a book I happened upon at my library called The Visual Miscellaneum and I am so excited by the prologue: […]