Special, THEMATIC, online projects

Lewis and Clark College librarians, here in Portland, showcased some of their special projects at the ONW conference.  They are tapping into resources such as faculty, students, and the curriculum for inspiration and old-fashioned elbow-grease.  Many of their projects are used as a teaching and a research tool and are based on someone’s passion around […]

All Those Who Sinfully Create a 3-Dimensional Pie Chart Shall Burn in Hell.

No, really.  There was a very useful session on “Data Visualization: Creating Beautiful, Elegant and Descriptive Visual Displays” at the ONW conference.  Jackie Wirz from OHSU gave us a beautiful and humorous presentation which really made me think about this other aspect of design found within academic work (not just libraries, but ALL research has […]

From slide charts to volvelles, I’ve graduated.

I made this video in an hour…don’t judge.  Also, thank you “group 5” for being a great group to work with on this project for 804 (The organization of information), helping compile information, and helping to assemble 44 more of these babies…. I must say, I’ve learned a LOT about social tagging and even started […]